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Surviving 2020

Excellence in anything increases your potential in everything. – Joe Rogan

Never in a million years could anyone have predicted what happened in 2020, just four short months after opening our business. A worldwide pandemic, labeled COVID-19, changed our lives and history forever.

Forced to close our business immediately, the stress of how to survive this season was overwhelming and the financial burden was undeniably frightening. Although we were allowed to serve carry out only, we went from doing about one carry out a weekend to 100 plus carry outs - overnight. There was no game plan, no preparation, and no idea that the community would be so supportive.

That first night was an absolute disaster, literally…total chaos! But, by the next morning, we had a strategic plan and implemented it without incident. In no time at all, we became experts in the field of carry outs and to go orders. Prompted by anger or fear or whatever it may have been, we made the decision to go all in with an attitude of “we are not going to lose this business” no matter what. However, as determined as we were, the challenges just kept coming at us and seemed to be relentless.

Suddenly, the supply chain was interrupted and we were unable to get product from our suppliers. Items such as Cod, Catfish, and Chicken were no longer available. And if you could get it, the price sky rocketed out of control. Our most popular steak, the Ribeye, went from $8.44/lb to $16.74 in less than a year. That was just one item and this inflation was across the board on everything. All of this along with the severe loss in sales and employees being laid off, the restaurant and bar business was noted as one of the hardest hit industries to this day.

Despite this being the most difficult time of our lives, it taught us to always remain humble in knowing that no matter how good something is at the time, it can all be taken away in the blink of an eye. Many businesses had no choice but to close their doors. We, at Louisburg Junction, were very fortunate to have survived.

Thank you to all of our customers, staff, family, friends, and social media followers that continue to make all of this possible. These are The LJ Chronicles.

All the best,

Your LJ Family

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